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Bartending Course Information

One of the questions the public frequently asks, is “What’s the difference between a bartender and a mixologist?” We think of the difference between a mixologist and a bartender as being similar to the differences between a chef and a cook. A mixologist has received more extensive training, has greater industry knowledge and usually works in the more upscale food and beverage establishments. In addition, a mixologist usually commands a higher base salary and can expect more tips due to an increased drink repetoire.

A Comprehensive Professional Course with Flexible Duration"

Our Professional Mixology course is a Thirty Two-hour course. Our Mixology course can be completed over a one, two or four week period. Check each location for individual class schedules.

In addition to teaching the art of mixology and alcohol awareness training, our program also offers basic bar management which includes inventory controls, profit margins, product ordering and more. BBSA is often recommended in the hospitality industry to be the most complete school for training prospective bar owners and managers.

Join the many thousands of satisfied graduates of BBSA – learn your new skill in one week and earn your tuition in two shifts.