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Opened its first state licensed bartending school in Boston in 1974. Since then, BBSA has expanded to 10 state licensed locations in Boston, Worcester MA, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire. Our bartending schools offer students throughout New England the opportunity to learn the exciting and rewarding skill of professional bartending.

Learn bartending at Boston Bartenders School of America!

During the past thirty-four years it has always been our goal to keep pace with the hospitality industry and provide the most thorough and complete training possible in the responsible service of alcohol.

Boston Bartenders School is recognized in the hospitality industry to be the most complete school for training prospective bar owners and managers in the basics of bar management and is frequently recommended by many hotels, restaurants, and attorneys.

In addition to our comprehensive bartender training, our program also offers bar management training, which includes inventory controls, profit margins, food service, product ordering and more.

This web site explains our comprehensive bartender training. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have. We are so confident in our training program that we invite you to sit in on one of our classes free of charge. Simply call the school to arrange a time.

Why Boston Bartending School of America?

New England Bartending Schools, with 35 years of experience, have a high number of employed graduates and are favored by bar managers for hiring.

The school offers guaranteed nationwide placement, setting it apart from others in the industry.

Training encompasses operational standards required by major hotels and chain restaurants, providing various benefits to students.

CNN reports that the current economy has led to a booming demand for bartenders, making it a recession-proof career choice.

Hands-on training takes place in a simulated pub atmosphere behind a working bar, allowing students to gain practical experience.

Instructors with extensive bartending experience impart product knowledge on various beverages, including liquors, liqueurs, aperitifs, cordials, beers, ales, wines, and spirits, while teaching professional equipment and techniques.





About us

Along with our partner company New England Bartending Schools of Tewksbury Massachusetts, we’ve been teaching professional mixology for over 35 years. We have set the standards that others. We are in fact the largest and oldest Licensed Bartending School in New England. Please consider that you could be one of our thousands trained and placed! Just call and set up a trial class!

Our accomplished graduates have successfully embarked on exciting careers as wedding bartenders, making a significant impact in the world of bridal celebrations. They proudly serve as the backbone of our esteemed bartending wedding service partner, DeLuxe BS, a company renowned for its excellence in delivering top-notch bartending services tailored specifically for weddings.

We encourage you to take the time to explore all the pages on our website, where you will find valuable information about our New England Bartending Schools. By thoroughly examining our offerings, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities available to you.

Once you have familiarized yourself with our programs and services, we urge you to take the next step towards your bartending career. You can either request more information directly from us or give us a call today. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you and provide guidance on how we can help you kickstart your journey in the bartending industry without delay.